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Licenses / Credentials:
• Licensed general contractor
• Licensed roofer

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We Specialize In:

  • Roofing - new and old construction
  • Repairs
  • Custom construction
  • Roof removal and cleanup

Finding a Reliable Bend Roofing Company

The roof of our home is all that protects us from the weather outside. You risk serious damage to your entire house and all its contents if your roof isn’t kept in good condition. Moisture can enter, causing further damage to the roof, ceiling and interior walls. Continually neglecting your roof will only make for costly repairs down the road. The quicker you contact a reliable Bend Roofing Company to fix the problem the less it is going to cost you.

Replacing a roof can be expensive no mater what kind of roof you have. The materials are only a fraction of the total you will pay for a new roof. The largest single expense will be in the labor costs of the Bend Roofing Company labor. Roofing is a profession requiring many skills including framing construction, mathematics and carpentry. Finding a Roofing Company is the easy part. Locating a reliable Bend Roofing Company with know-how and ability to do the work properly might be a little harder.

The Bidding Process for a Bend Roofing Company Made Easy

After you have your list of potential contractors, you’ll want to request some bids. Some people believe that the more bids you can get the better but really you only need three or four. If there is too much competition, a Roofing Company may feel it’s not worth his time to offer a bid. In actuality, a well known Roofing Company could have other clients waiting while you're still in the decision process, thus you may lose a bid from the most qualified Bend Roofing Company. So keep the bidding to a select few.

Don’t forget that you want more than just a piece of paper with a total figure. You need to see a detailed estimate of what the job will entail and all costs for materials and labor. Give each Bend Roofing Company a list of what you want to see in all the bids. By doing this you should receive quotes that are based on the same work, making them easier to compare. If you find that one bid is considerably lower than the rest, it will also be easier to pick out the differences.

You don’t necessarily want the lowest bid, but the highest one isn’t a guarantee of better service or materials either. You want a good combination of price and service. If you get a bid that seems unusually low you need to question the Roofing Company about it. One Roofing Company might have less overhead, fewer employees or even a cheaper source for materials and are able to pass the savings on to their customers but whatever the reason for the low bid you need to verify that it is legitimate.

Once you’ve found the Bend Roofing Company you feel is right for the job, you’ll need to work up a contract.

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